Republic of Ireland-based engineering services company Obelisk has acquired UK infrastructure company Balfour Beatty’s telecommunications division.

This acquisition will expedite Obelisk’s growth in the UK and its ongoing expansion and innovation efforts in the country’s wireless telecommunications sector.

It aims to expand its technical capabilities and innovation in fixed-line, mobile, and energy services.

Obelisk will also benefit from the support of MJ Quinn and other subsidiaries.

With this acquisition, Obelisk will gain new headquarters offices in Southampton and the existing team of employees and partners of Balfour Beatty will move over to Obelisk.

This expanded geographical footprint enables the company to provide nationwide services and turnkey infrastructure solutions in the telecommunications sector of the UK and the Republic of Ireland and their respective energy sectors.

Last year, Obelisk was acquired by Constructel Visabeira, a leading global telecommunications and energy networks engineering company and a subsidiary of Grupo Visabeira.

This partnership served Obelisk’s growth strategy and opened doors to new markets in the UK, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, and the US.

Obelisk CEO Ronnie Delaney said: “We are very pleased to welcome the telecoms team from Balfour Beatty, who together have delivered consistently in this sector for clients such as EE, Cellnex, Cornerstone and Vodafone.

“The team, led by Philip Fensom, will bring knowledge, experience and like-minded values to further enhance Obelisk as a partner of choice in the provision of innovative and quality telecoms infrastructure solutions sustainably and safely.

“Obelisk will continue to accelerate new growth opportunities in these sectors, going beyond connection to invest in and expand our skilled workforce across the UK and Ireland, and offer more complete solutions for our clients in new and existing markets.”