NCC has secured a contract from the Capital Region of Denmark for the interior work of the New North Zealand Hospital project.

This contract is valued at around $103m (SEK940m).

NCC is the primary contractor for the construction of the New North Zealand Hospital, which features three phases in total.

The first phase consisting of concrete and earthworks is finished.

An agreement was signed for the second phase in December 2021.

This phase comprises facade and roofing works.

The first part of the third phase is now scheduled to begin. This phase features interior work.

NCC Building Nordics head Catarina Molén-Runnäs said: “The work is proceeding well and we are now starting the third phase of the project. During the spring, we can look forward to starting the work of installing the interior fittings in the hospital, such as the future operating theaters and treatment rooms, which will start to take shape.”

This contract covers works related to ceilings, interior walls, doors, flooring and fittings in treatment rooms.

The work will proceed along with the second phase and continue until the full completion.

New North Zealand Hospital project manager Sune From said: “As the developer, we are extremely pleased with the contract we have signed with NCC, and we are building on the positive cooperation that we have in the construction of the New North Zealand Hospital. In the next phase of construction, the building will begin to take shape and the four-leaf clover and architectural visions will start to become visible.”

The order value will be recorded by the firm in Q1 2022.



Image: This contract is valued at around $103m (SEK940m). Credit: NCC.