NCC has secured a contract to upgrade the Käppalaverket wastewater treatment plant at Lidingö, outside of Stockholm, Sweden.

This upgrade is aimed at enhancing the capacity and performance of Käppala Association’s wastewater treatment plant.

The first main phase of the design-build contract carries a value of approximately $95.40m (SEK1bn).

NCC will also develop new biological treatment lines to boost treatment requirements and capacity by about 30%.

The project features three main phases, with work commencing on the first key phase that will see two treatment lines being renovated.

The refurbished treatment process will vastly decrease emissions of nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter and in turn lead to a cleaner Baltic Sea.

Käppala Association CEO Andreas Thunberg said: “Käppalaverket treats the wastewater from more than half a million people, and businesses in 11 municipalities, both north and east of Stockholm. Together with NCC as a reliable partner, we are looking forward to upgrading the capacity and performance of the plant in order to meet the County Administrative Board’s tightened treatment requirements.”

The refurbishment of Käppalaverket wastewater treatment plant is slated to be finished by 2027.

NCC Infrastructure head Kenneth Nilsson said: “NCC is well-accustomed to building during ongoing operations and under challenging conditions. Together with the Käppala Association, we have prepared a technical, cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable construction plan and are now looking forward to starting the refurbishment.”

The wastewater treatment plant will continue to operate during the complete refurbishment process.
Image: Käppala wastewater treatment plant. Photo: Rikkard Häggbom/NCC.