Perth-based construction company Multiplex Constructions has been awarded the Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) tender for the second stage development of the Joondalup Health Campus in Perth, Western Australia.

Multiplex and Ramsay Health Care will team up to develop the design further on the works. This will include on documenting the timing and sequencing, construction methodology, staging and agreed costing.

The two entities will together present an ECI proposal to the Western Australia in Q2 2021. If the proposal gets accepted, the project will move to the construction phase.

Expected to be completed by late 2025, this project’s total cost is estimated at A$256.7m, out of which, the Commonwealth has committed to provide A$158m for the project under the Western Australian Hospital Infrastructure Package.

A new 12-bay Infectious Diseases Unit will be created within the emergency department (ED) under the first package of early works.

A three-bay Behaviour Assessment Urgent Care Clinic within the ED will also be developed in the early works package. The clinic will cater for patients who are affected behaviourally, including those affected by drugs and alcohol. 

The expansion project also features a new mental health building, which will include 30 new acute mental health inpatient beds; 90 inpatient beds; six new critical care beds; increased parking bays for public and staff members; and a new operating theatre and cardiac catheter laboratory.

Western Australia Health Minister Roger Cook said: “The design of the new 12-bay infectious diseases unit was informed by the hospital’s experience last year in caring for 42 COVID positive patients.

“This unit will be extremely useful for any future infection outbreaks in WA. It equips Joondalup Health Campus with an appropriate facility to rapidly limit spread and protect others whilst providing high-quality emergency care to the affected individual.

“The unit will be set up with negative air flow as well as two dedicated negatively pressured isolation rooms, features which really enhance the safety of staff and other patients.

“In addition, the creation of a new Behaviour Assessment Urgent Care Clinic will create a calmer environment for other patients within the main ED and provide the specialised attention that is required by people who are affected behaviourally, violent or aggressive.


The total cost of the expansion project is estimated at A$256.7m (Credit: sungmin cho from Pixabay)