US-based fibre-optic company Metronet has begun infrastructure installation at its projects in Kentwood and Portage, Michigan, US.

Construction of the multi-gigabit fibre-optic networks in the cities is fully funded by the company.

The infrastructure will allow residents and businesses throughout the city to easily access Metronet’s 100% fibre-optic internet.

In Portage, construction has commenced near the intersection of Westcove Drive, Mcgillicuddy Lane, and Angling Road.

In Kentwood, underground work for the company’s ultra-high-speed 100% fibre-optic network has started near the intersections of 32nd Street SE, Hampton Downs Drive SE, Breton Road SE, and Brook Drive SE.

The project will help create employment opportunities. Metronet said that it is looking to recruit local professionals and technicians for the roles of market management, sales and customer service and technical service.

The service is expected to be made available for the first customers in both cities in the next few months.

The company is also offering presale access and prioritised service installation to interested customers.

Metronet’s director for government affairs Ben Ruzick said: “With a focus on reliability, we eagerly anticipate residents and businesses enjoying seamless internet connectivity, enabling effortless connection between families and friends.

“We express gratitude for the unwavering support of these cities as we take a significant stride towards delivering an internet experience they will truly love.”