Sustainable aviation fuel (Saf) technology provider LanzaJet has marked a major construction milestone at its Freedom Pines Fuels facility in Soperton, Georgia, US.

Construction work for the new facility is said to be the world’s first ethanol-based alcohol-to-jet SAF production plant, which will be completed next year.

LanzaJet CEO Jimmy Samartzis said: “Building a new industry and scaling new technology is exciting while at the same time challenging. We’ve enjoyed the privilege of partnering with incredible public and private sector leaders to support our work on this journey.

“Today, we celebrate the power of partnership to tackle climate change – the greatest challenge of our generation.

“Fabrication and construction of our novel process technology that converts ethanol into drop-in, replacement sustainable aviation fuel is completed, and installation has begun at the site. This is a significant milestone on our journey and also for the development of the SAF industry.”

Located in Treutlen County, the project will create 125 jobs during construction and 31 direct and 25 to 50 indirect jobs while in operation.

Once operational, the plant will be able to produce ten million gallons of SAF and renewable diesel annually from ethanol, utilising low carbon intensity ethanol, including from waste-based feedstocks.

LanzaJet said that the SAF produced at this facility will be compatible with aeroplanes currently in use globally.

The facility is estimated to almost double the amount of SAF presently produced in the US.

It is expected to fuel further SAF innovation by creating a new market for scalable ethanol from waste-based sources.