The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has awarded a time and materials contract to US-based civil construction company Granite.

Under this contract, the company will clear and repair several rock and mudslide areas in order to restore access via the Sequoia National Forest near Kings Canyon National Park in California, US.

The Caltrans-funded project is estimated to generate $12.5m of work.

Granite will include this contract in its third-quarter CAP.

Kings Canyon National Park’s landscapes and viewpoints have been temporarily closed due to the severe effect of winter storms during the 2022/23 season.

State Route 180 (SR 180) has been severely disrupted by many rocks and mudslides that have blocked and even washed out portions of the isolated route, blocking access to Kings Canyon National Park.

The scope of Granite’s work includes the removal of debris, rocks, and mudslides; developing retaining walls that reinforce the roadway and protect it from future erosion and landslides; installation of drainage systems to effectively manage runoff; and redevelopment of sections of SR 180, allowing safe passage through this route.

Granite vice-president for regional operations Carter Rohrbough said: “Granite has a long history of partnering with Caltrans District 6 to find innovative solutions to urgent and complex transportation system needs.

“We look forward to working again with Caltrans District 6 to restore safe access for local and visitor traffic wanting to visit the breathtaking views of Kings Canyon National Park.”

Construction work has already started in August and is expected for completion in June next year.

Last month, the US Provo River Water Users Association selected Granite for the $73m construction manager/general contractor water project in Utah, US.