Granite has been chosen as the construction manager/general contractor (CMGC) for the Albion River Bridge Replacement/Rehabilitation project near Albion, California, US.

This project will be delivered through the CM/GC approach, which includes the contractor’s early involvement in the design process to incorporate its perspective in the planning process.

This approach offers more opportunities for innovation and efficiency than conventional project delivery approach.

The construction part of the project is expected to be valued in a range of $50m to $85m and awarded in 2026.

The existing Albion River Bridge is a wooden-deck truss bridge that carries Highway 1 across the Albion River near the coast in California’s Mendocino County.

Constructed in 1944, the 26 feet wide, and 970-foot span does not meet modern safety standards for width and the steel truss across the centre section has become significantly corroded.

Inspite of the functional limitations of the current bridge, it is a local landmark and unique for being the only remaining wooden truss bridge on Highway 1.

Granite alternative delivery project manager and vice president Bill McGowan said: “The selection of Granite for this CMGC project demonstrates that clients appreciate our ability to work shoulder to shoulder with planning, environmental, and design experts to deliver the best solution for a community.

“Our team used local knowledge, innovations from around the company, and nationwide CMGC experience to deliver an exceptional proposal to provide maximum value to Caltrans at every stage of the project.”

The preconstruction services phase of the project commenced in July 2022.

Construction is anticipated to finish in the early 2030s.


Image: The construction part of the project is expected to be valued in a range of $50m to $85m. Credit: Granite Construction, Inc.