Graham has secured a contract to construct a £13m student accommodation block in Bermondsey Spa Gardens, Southwark, the UK.

The development, which is designed by Maber, will consist of 185 bed, studio based rooms across six storeys with a range of amenities including a gym and bike storage.

It will be built for Student Urban Living Bermondsey.

A number of indoor and outdoor areas for socialising, such as a rooftop terrace and external courtyard will feature part of the scheme.

With regard to construction, the scheme will be framed around a concrete structure with a mix of brickwork, particle cement board cladding and curtain walling.

CKC Properties said: “It has been a long road for SUL Bermondsey working closely with CKC Properties Ltd in achieving a satisfactory planning consent for this scheme.

“We have agreed a forward funding package with Curlew Alternatives Eleventh Property L.P and have negotiated the delivery with Graham. We very much look forward to its satisfactory conclusion in June 2022.”

Graham regional director Rob Joyce said: “Southwark is home to six of London’s universities and requires high-quality accommodation to support its growing and diverse student population. This a strong scheme that puts the student experience at its heart, giving them independence in a professionally managed environment that allows them to thrive, learn, and socialise.”

Work is currently underway and completion on the project is due June 2022.


The £13m student accommodation block will be built in Bermondsey Spa Gardens, Southwark, the UK. Credit: Graham Group