Graham has announced commencement of the upgrade of M25 junction 28 for National Highways in the UK.

Junction 28 plays a significant role in linking the A12 and the M25, besides offering access to Brentwood through the A1023.

Currently, up to 7,500 vehicles pass through this junction roundabout each hour at peak times. The junction is already running at capacity, with motorists regularly facing congestion and delays.

The scope of work for Graham involves building a two-lane loop road with a hard shoulder so that traffic can move from the M25 northbound carriageway anti-clockwise onto the A12 eastbound carriageway towards Essex.

The project also features construction of new bridges to take the loop road over or under the other road links and the Weald Brook.

The position of the A12’s eastbound exit slip road will be changed along with the M25’s anti-clockwise entry slip road to enable the new loop road.

Graham is also responsible for broadening the M25 anti-clockwise carriageway to offer more space for traffic leaving the A12 heading eastbound.

Most of the construction work will occur off the road network without impacting drivers.

Work on the project is anticipated to take 36 months.

The project is expected to complete in summer 2025.

National Highways project manager Zach Pepper said: “These improvements will provide safer journeys for thousands of drivers, cyclists and walkers who use this route every day as part of our wider investment to enhance capacity at this vital junction.

“Improving the flow of traffic and allowing more capacity on the exit slip roads will provide a safer and more integrated network for everyone. There will also be less likelihood of traffic queuing back onto the M25 once this upgrade and reconfiguration of the junction is complete.”
Image: Visual of M25 J28. Credit: Graham Group.