Erickson-Hall Construction has broken ground of new football stadium and softball fields of Palomar College at San Marcos, California.

The $22.8m facilities were designed by HMC Architects and funded by the $694m Proposition M.

Construction of the football and softball stadiums is expected to take one year, with completion expected in October 2023.

Erickson-Hall is a contractor for both K-12 and higher education programmes.

Palomar College athletic director Daniel A. Lynds said: “The new playing surfaces will greatly reduce the risk of injury and help to prolong their athletic careers. Additionally, the high-tech video equipment housed in each facility will provide a platform from which the student athletes can evaluate their progress and more importantly be seen and recruited by four-year institutions.”

Since its establishment in 1946, Palomar College has never had a football stadium.

The new football stadium will be able to host up to 3,600 fans.

It will feature a new synthetic turf field, scoreboard, and a three-story press box with elevator.

The stadium will also act as a venue for large-scale events on campus, including commencement ceremonies, which were earlier conducted in an open field adjacent to the campus.

Palomar softball is one of the leading programmes in the state, having won eight (8) consecutive Pacific Coast Athletic Conference titles. The new softball field will offer the Palomar softball team a home for it practice.

The new 207-seat softball stadium will feature batting cages, bullpens, masonry dugouts, a scoreboard, a press box, and a single-story fieldhouse.

Erickson-Hall president Mat Gates said: “The anticipation from the community and student body for Palomar College’s new athletic facilities makes it such a rewarding project. We can’t wait to celebrate with Palomar College when they can finally host their first home football game, and see their stellar softball team thrive in their new home!”

Lynds adds, “We are ecstatic that we have a partner in Erickson-Hall Construction that realises the immense impact that these stadiums and their accompanying facilities will have on our students, the institution, and the community. It is obvious that Erickson-Hall shares our commitment to excellence and determination to build amazing athletic facilities at Palomar College.”


Image: The new football stadium will be able to host up to 3,600 fans. Credit: S. Hermann / F. Richter from Pixabay.