The Government of Western Australia has announced the start of construction works on A$25.3m ($18.14m) multi-storey project and visual arts building at Kalamunda Senior High School.

Architectural firm TAG Architects will design the new facilities.

The new project is being delivered as part of the State Government’s WA Recovery Plan with completion expected towards this year-end.

With eight classrooms, the new multi-storey block will support the continued growth in enrolments at the school.

Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery said: “When these upgrades are completed, students will have access to new state-of-the-art facilities to support their passions for art and learning.

“The new buildings and facilities will support student growth at both Kalamunda Senior High School and Kalamunda Education Support Centre as they continue to be popular choices for local families.”

Furthermore, the project will include a new four-studio visual arts building that will offer students areas for drawing, painting, ceramics/sculpture, print-making, and multi-media.

Kalamunda Secondary Education Support Centre is also set to benefit from six new classrooms and ancillary areas.

Other facilities include an undercroft area designed for accommodating up to ten general classrooms in order to support growth in the future.

Another A$1.7m ($1.21m) would be used for upgrading the STEM facilities, which will include a new science room and repurposed room.

Kalamunda MLA Matthew Hughes said: “It’s important for local students to have access to a world-class education here in WA and that includes access to high quality facilities like those provided by this A$18.3m ($13.12m) investment at Kalamunda Senior High School and Kalamunda Secondary Education Support Centre.

“I am especially pleased to see that students with a disability will have access to the state-of-the-art facilities and the specialist support they need within their local area.”


The new block will support the continued growth in enrolments at the high school. Credit: Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash.