Bechtel has begun construction of Woodside Energy’s Pluto Train 2 project in Western Australia.

Pluto Train 2 will be the second liquefied natural gas (LNG) train at Woodside Energy‘s current Pluto LNG onshore facility.

It will process gas from the Scarborough development.

The Pluto Train 2 construction site is situated within the current Pluto LNG boundary.

Woodside is the operator of Pluto Train 2 and Scarborough.

Bechtel will provide the engineering, procurement, and construction services for Pluto Train 2, which will feature an LNG capacity of around 5 million tonnes per year.

Additional gas infrastructure will also be installed with about 225 terajoules per day capacity.

Woodside CEO Meg O’Neill said: “Woodside is proud to build on the economic contribution that it has made over 35 years to communities in Western Australia.

“Many opportunities will be realised in WA, providing a boost to long-term investment in education and training, growing jobs and bringing work through the supply chain.”

At its peak, the Pluto Train 2 project will employ about 2,000 people in 2024.

Bechtel has already engaged many local and indigenous businesses for the delivery of the project.

Bechtel Energy president Paul Marsden said: “We are proud to do our part to invest in local communities and improve the quality of life where we work by creating jobs and opportunities, while also bringing greater energy security for the region.”

Bechtel has begun site preparation, including office, crib hut, and other facility installations.

Initial earthworks and activities in the laydown and storage region will begin before the end of this year.
Image: Ground broken on Pluto Train 2 project in Karratha, Western Australia. Credit: Bechtel/ Woodside Energy/PRNewswire.