Cavco completes expansion of Palm Harbor Homes production facility in US

WCN Editorial Team 23 Jul 2021 NORTH AMERICA BUILDINGS

Cavco Industries has completed the expansion of its Palm Harbor Homes production facility in Fort Worth, Texas, US.

The facility expansion addresses a major market shift based on consumer demand for tape-and-texture (T&T) walls and the rising demand for high-quality affordable manufactured homes.

Allowing for six additional stations for T&T wall production in the facility’s main building, the new building adds 22,400ft² for frame build, frame paint, floor build and decking.

Cavco Industries president and CEO Bill Boor said: “The timing of this expansion to our production footprint could not be better. At a time when demand for our homes is very high, we will now be able to build more with an improved capability to respond to changing customer trends.

“Increasing production capacity, improving working conditions and updating our homes are key to keeping up with the current demand, and this addition checks all the boxes in helping us to achieve that.”

With this expansion, T&T production at the facility will increase significantly by adding six stations to the production line.

Logistically, this will also allow completion of wall-set, rough-wire, back-panel and cabinet-set prior to roof-set and two additional line rolls for T&T dry time.

Cavco Fort Worth Palm Harbor Homes production facility general manager Eric Fletemeyer said: “These six additional stations for traditional tape-and-texture walls and ceilings will be a real game-changer toward addressing inefficiencies and improving our overall working environment for our team members.

“Our plant will enjoy increased output, less rework, improved drying times, fewer delays and less defects – while helping to create a highly efficient and employee-friendly workplace.”

Integrated design-build services for this project were provided by Parkway Construction & Architecture.

The facility expansion addresses a major market shift based on consumer demand for T&T walls. Credit: Cavco Industries, Inc.

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