DCT Gdansk has awarded a contract to the consortium of Budimex and Dredging International to construct a terminal in the deepwater port of Gdansk, Poland.

Budimex is Ferrovial’s Polish construction subsidiary.

Claimed to be the largest container terminal operator in the Baltic Sea, DCT Gdansk appointed the consortium to execute this €245m project.

The construction of the terminal will commence in September.

The scope of work includes constructing a deep-water pier of 717m long and 17.5m deep, as well as drainage works.

It also includes building a mooring front measuring 700m to accommodate container ships.

Spanning 360,000m2, the new T3 terminal will have a 17m depth.

The work is slated to finish in H1 2025.

Expanding the port’s capacity by 1.7 million containers to 4.5 million, the project will become one of largest ports of Europe.

Ferrovial is also constructing and assembling a floating prestressed concrete platform, which is to be installed two miles off the coast of Vizcaya in the Spanish Basque Country.

It will be the first floating wind power project in the Spanish Basque Country.

Ferrovial is also involved in the construction of a 525m extension to the Southern Pier at the Port of Huelva in Spain.
Image: The construction of the terminal will commence in September. Credit: Pexels from Pixabay.