Westminster City Council has handed over the Ebury Bridge Estate site in UK to contractor Bouygues UK to commence construction on the initial phase of the redevelopment project.

In April, the council approved plans for the redevelopment project located in the heart of central London.

The project will involve complete redevelopment of the current estate and will include 239 council homes.

It will include construction of 781 homes, of which more than half of them will be affordable homes.

The council noted that the redevelopment project will also include a new community hub, nursery and fitness centre for residents and visitors.

Now, over 110 homes have been temporarily relocated and seven empty blocks have been demolished for the construction of first 226 new homes.

The first taller buildings, offering views over Battersea Power Station, will be constructed during the initial phase of the project.

The new development aims to be almost car-free, with disabled car parking only. It will also provide top priority for pedestrian and cycle transport by creating more than 2,000 cycle spaces for residents.

The council stated that the new homes will use 90% less carbon compared to the current estate.

Westminster City Council Communities and Regeneration cabinet member Heather Acton said: “Our plans for Ebury Bridge have been formed in close partnership with the residents of the estate and we have made sure their views are reflected.

“To now be able to hand over the site to our contractor Bouygues UK and begin the construction phase is very exciting.

“Ebury Bridge represents the highest number of new affordable homes being built in Westminster in a generation.”


Rendering of the new homes at Ebury Bridge Estate. Credit: Westminster City Council.