Bangalore International Airport (BIAL) subsidiary Bengaluru Airport City (BACL) has chosen DP Architects Singapore & Portland Design UK as the architectural consultants for the Retail-Dining-Entertainment (RDE) Village project.

The RDE village project is being developed at Bengaluru airport as part of the airport city.

RDE Village is intended to become a retail and lifestyle destination to cater specifically to the millennial mindset.

To be located adjacent to the Concert Arena and the Convention and Exhibition Centre, this project will spread over a 23-acre area, over a built-up space of 1.1million ft2.

A destination for mid to high-end shopping and lifestyle, RDE village will meet the increasing requirement of this segment in Bengaluru.

Furthermore, connectivity to the village will be bolstered by the BMTC bus service as well as new metro lines.

BACL CEO Rao Munukutla said: “The RDE Village is built on the vision of creating a new destination with a deep connection to the community, culture and environment, focusing on human-centric design.

“This is reflected in our overall design sensibility which is innovation-driven, incorporating sustainable features.

“We are confident that the RDE Village will continue to further add impetus in making Bengaluru as one of the most vibrant cities in India.”

The technology-driven RDE Village will be a mall with an open fluid environment that connects various zones through interactive as well as sensory experiences to boost extended dwell time and frequent visits.


The RDE Village will come up adjacent to the Concert Arena and the Convention and Exhibition Centre, on a 23-acre land. Credit: BIAL. All Rights Reserved.