Azul Destinations has broken ground on $250m resort and cruise port in south Long Island in the Bahamas, reported The Tribune.

This project, called the Calypso Cove, will feature a 200-bedroom hotel, yacht marina facilities, interior pools, casinos, a cruise port, cruise pier as well as an 18-hole golf course.

Among the other amenities to be provided include a zip line, rock climbing wall, etc.

During the two-year construction phase will see around 300 people being employed.

In October, a heads of agreement was signed between the government and Azul Destinations and Calypso Cove Destinations for the project’s development.

Speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony on the island, Azul Destinations’ principal Carlos Torres de Navarra said: “In the 20 plus years I’ve been in the industry, and I look at all the destinations that our ship sails to, there is obviously aspects of a vacation that people want and there’s a laundry list of items and there all boxes need to be checked off, but not every destination has that.”

“But, we believe that Long Island does and so for our project, Calypso Cove, it will be the first destination where you can say all of the boxes are going to be checked off, but not only for the benefit of just one cruise line, but for the benefit of the entire industry.

“So, it’s this multi-brand approach that is going to be unique to Long Island so in addition to getting off the ship and enjoying the retail and the restaurants and the food and beverage areas and the shore excursions, they will be able to enjoy a beach.”