Ambient Photonics has broken ground on its 43,000ft2 low-light solar cell manufacturing facility in Scotts Valley, California, US.

Once operational, the facility is claimed to become one of the world’s largest low-light indoor energy harvesting technology factories.

Recently, the company raised $48.5m through Series A round.

Ambient claimed that its high power density solar cells allow manufacturers of connected device to decrease carbon footprint of their products by up to 80% due to elimination of disposable batteries.

The company also recently opened its new headquarters in Scotts Valley and expects to appoint over 100 full-time positions between the locations by next year.

Ambient CEO Bates Marshall said: “The legacy of battery waste in consumer electronics has become the barrier to achieving the dream of a connected, IoT world. Ambient’s technology addresses the growing environmental impact of disposable batteries head on.

“The Scotts Valley factory groundbreaking is a major milestone as we prove that both the US and California can be leaders in the manufacturing of decarbonisation technologies for the world.”

Ambient’s Fab 1 manufacturing facility in Scotts Valley will feature high-volume, fully-automated production line for low-light indoor solar cells using equipment from Manz, which serves tech, automotive and e-mobility sectors.

Manz CEO Martin Drasch said: “Manz services the world’s largest manufacturing leaders, and Ambient’s investment in our highly-specialized production solutions proves their commitment to high-volume, high-quality production.”

Ambient expects to begin deliveries from the new factory in the first half of 2023.

This facility will feature rooftop and parking canopy solar PV systems to power renewable energy.

The new factory is expected to begin deliveries to high-volume consumer electronics and IoT customers.
Image: Ambient expects to begin deliveries from the new factory in the first half of 2023. Credit: Ambient Photonics.