Sustainability Week on WCN: Certifying buildings

21 Oct 2016 | Global

Whether buildings are comprised of commercial, residential or office space, they can be assessed, rated and certified according to their green and sustainable features.

Sustainability Week on WCN: The world’s greenest buildings

14 Oct 2016 | Global

With arising worries about the environment, global warming and pollution, skyscrapers, office towers and even mosques are increasingly incorporating green and eco-friendly design and features. Here, as part of the sustainability week on WCN, we look at some of the world’s greenest buildings. ...

Sustainability Week on WCN: The ‘living walls’ benefits

10 Oct 2016 | Global

‘Living walls’, green façades, vertical farming or roof gardens are increasingly featuring in the design-concept of buildings.

Roads week on WCN: Recycling our roads

26 Aug 2016 | Global

Recycling has never been more popular, with people encouraged to set aside paper, food, glass, plastic and more. But what about recycling our roads? Roads deteriorate over time, and rehabilitating works have to be carried out regularly — road signs warning about roadworks are a common sight. ...

Roads Week on WCN: Some of the key current global road projects

25 Aug 2016 | Global

Several projects are now in execution around the world and WCN, as part of its roads week, has listed 13 worth knowing about.1)    National Highway Development Program, IndiaThe $71bn National Highway Development Program was implemented in 1998 and aims at improving the road network in India ...

Roads Week on WCN: The roads to discovery

24 Aug 2016 | Global

If you believe the old song, the M25 motorway that circles London is ‘The Road to Hell’. But while many motorists may be inclined to agree with that sentiment — particularly during the coming bank holiday weekend — there are plenty of roads around the globe that offer much more than traffic ...

Roads Week on WCN: The 7 longest highways in the world

23 Aug 2016 | Global

As technologies for road construction advance, so too do the highways that connect cities, countries, and even continents. We look at the seven longest roads in the world today.1)    Pan-American Highway, American continent

Tunnels Week on WCN: Tales from the underground

15 Jul 2016 | Global

You might think that tunnels are always built by professionals, with an obvious and practical purpose — to transport people, to reach a deposit of coal or diamonds, to transport water, and so on. For some, however, digging a tunnel is a hobby, a distraction, an escape, a way of expanding the ...

Hydro range

16 Jun 2016 | Global

A selection of current construction work and studies shows hydropower’s wide range, says Patrick Reynolds. Numerous hydropower and pumped storage projects are in construction or planning across the globe, and International Water Power & Dam Construction (IWP&DC) briefly notes progres ...

3D Printing in the construction industry

15 Jun 2016 | Global

What links novelty personalised figurines, prosthetic body parts, components for cars and fighter jets, jewellery, guitars — and now, houses?They’re all on the list of objects that have been created using 3D printing technology. And while some of those projects will probably prove to be pass ...

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