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Stormwater Management Systems

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In partnership with our customers, Atlantis offers next-generation, environmentally-proven stormwater management and filtration solutions that can deliver cleaner water resources and greener urban spaces. Atlantis Water Management is committed to developing innovative products and systems to deliver complete solutions for the building industry.

Atlantis understands environmental requirements and responds to these needs by focusing on long term sustainable solutions. International manufacturing sites are located globally, ensuring the timely delivery of quality and affordable solutions to locations worldwide.

Environmental site development and urban water management

In urban areas almost ninety percent of surface area is impermeable and during rainfall, both air and surface pollutants are trapped and accumulate into stormwater runoff. The runoff is drained into nearby streams and rivers increasing the risk of flooding and the pollution of natural waterways.

With continuous development in innovative technologies Atlantis is achieving sustainable water management for urban developments. Innovative products and systems such as porous paving, drainage cells, infiltration tanks, sustainable roof gardens, purification units and bioremediation soils that restore natural water purification processes mean Atlantis has emerged as a world leader in environmental site development and water management.

Atlantis eliminates the environmental impact of urban stormwater runoff carrying pollutants into the water cycle.
Atlantis modular tank systems use surface and underground infiltration techniques, resulting in clean water that can be re-used or allowed to enter the natural water system.
The Gravel Cell® reinforcement structure is ideal for applications that require high infiltration of water into the substrate.

Modular stormwater tank systems

Atlantis modular tank systems offer a highly efficient option for stormwater management in any kind of soil. Atlantis modular tank systems use surface and underground infiltration techniques, resulting in clean water that can be re-used or allowed to enter the natural water system.

Atlantis modular tanks are used for:

  • Stormwater infiltration/soakaway tanks
  • Stormwater harvesting
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Stormwater detention/attenuation
  • Underground stormwater channels
  • Stormwater swales

Atlantis modular tank systems excel when there is a requirement to achieve high water quality, particularly in the effective removal of nutrients and gross pollutants. In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, the sub-surface location of the tank system provides more useable ground area and enhanced aesthetic setting compared to above ground concrete or plastic tanks.

Atlantis modular tank system performance supersedes outdated aggregate trenches. The Atlantis system provides a void space of over 90% compared to less than 20% in typical aggregate trenches. Consequently, with a smaller footprint the Atlantis system achieves the same storage capacity as an aggregate trench. This saves time and money in installation and civil works costs.

The lightweight design of Atlantis modular tank modules also makes installation quicker, safer and cheaper. No sediment build up occurs in the Atlantis system, unlike the clogging that is characteristic of aggregate based approaches.

Porous paving

Atlantis offers three types of solutions for porous paving applications ensuring long term permeability. Atlantis porous pavers in conjunction with other Atlantis products can provide storm water solutions without the need for pipes, pits or sumps. No longer are antiquated storm water systems required. Atlantis offers the complete range of storm water solutions that treat polluted water at the source, preserving natural waterways and the environment while providing aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Plastic porous paver

The Flo-Grid® provides a superb solution where porous paving applications are required. This revolutionary plastic paving product allows the effective infiltration of rainwater where it can be funneled into storage tanks available for re-use or the recharging of natural aquifers.

The main advantage of the Flo-Grid® is long life performance without clogging. The high permeability of the paver and smart design ensure long term effectiveness. The Flo-Grid® is available in black and other colours upon request.

Grass reinforcement structure

Ideal to house and protects grass, the Turf Cell® reinforcement structure is the most effective product available for both horizontal and vertical root growth. Vehicular traffic has minimal effect on the protected roots. Aesthetically, the product allows the grass to fill in completely, creating a lush lawn with an invisible reinforcement structure.

Gravel reinforcement structure

The Gravel Cell® reinforcement structure is ideal for applications that require high infiltration of water into the substrate while preserving the location aggregate used for access roads and other applications. The Gravel Cell® is easy to install and features a rigid clipping system ensuring long term lateral stability.

Wall drainage systems

The Atlantis product range offers established and innovative structured wall drainage solutions. The Atlantis wall drainage products feature high compressive strength that ensure long lasting drainage performance under constant lateral loadings. Atlantis wall panels are the most effective method of venting and maintaining consistent temperature on the wall surface by creating a substantial air pocket preventing heat induced cracking.


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