Lödige Industries is a logistics systems, parking, and lifting solutions supplier for various industries such as aviation, packaging, retail, food, and construction. Extending services to Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East, Lödige Industries provides lifting equipment technologies and maintenance, along with conveyor, storing and arranging services for its clients worldwide.

For the construction industry, Lödige Industries presents a wide variety of car park solutions that exhibit state-of-the-art technology for products ranging from one car to more than a thousand.

These offerings are suitable for both existing and new residential and commercial buildings and are specifically designed for safe and easy parking. Services offered by Lödige Industries include car lifts, automated parking systems, public automated parking solutions and lorry lifts.

Space-saving car lifts for buildings

Lödige Industries presents a large portfolio of car lifts that offer the convenience of lifting cars within a building while taking as small a space as possible. These car lift offerings are compact and can transport cars from level to level without compromising space in residential and commercial buildings.

Allowing car movement among floors usually requires heavy and expensive ramps that must be considered when constructing a building, but Lödige’s car lifts provide numerous benefits that combine a compact design and convenient space allocation. These advantages not only enhance practicality but also prove cost-effective as they eliminate the need to plan for and install large ramps within the building.

The product portfolio consists of the TRAFFICO, CARRICO, PEGASOS, and VERTICAR car lifts, each of which offer a range of beneficial features. For example, TRAFFICO is the perfect solution for faster parking and spaces of up to 40 parking places. CARRICO is a suitable car lift solution for smaller parking spaces, while the PEGASOS requires no pit (therefore making it easier when planning the car lift) and the VERTICAR provides the benefit of fast installation. More spaces can be accessed by the inclusion of an additional lift.

The convenience and capabilities of car lift solutions are boosted by the car lift app, which offers contactless control of the lift via the smartphone. Through the app, users can easily be added and managed, making operations easier and faster.

Lödige’s RESPACE automated parking systems

There are several challenges associated with automated parking when designing and constructing a building, such as questions about the building’s footprint, as well as planning and changing facilities when installing the automated parking system. These problems can affect a building’s permit and funding approval.

Lödige Industries addresses challenges like these by allowing for parking more and heavier cars in a smaller footprint via the RESPACE automated parking system, which is integrated with a sliding pallet system that is very flexible when it comes to fitting it within a difficult footprint and among pillars and shear walls.

The RESPACE technology accommodates easy control of the pallets and higher performance while saving time and cost. The solution comes fully equipped with electric-vehicle (EV) charging capabilities and benefits a parking space by making it denser than other solutions of its kind.

Features of the RESPACE automated parking system include:

  • Flexibility and density
  • Effective space saving due to the parking space grid
  • Adjustable gap width
  • EV-charging options
  • Safe and comfortable spaces
  • Easy parking
  • Parking puzzle system which finds the best possible parking space for each car
  • Easy parking management

CUBILE automated car parking system

CUBILE by Lödige Industries is a fully automated car parking solution designed for the parking needs of 50 to over 1,000 parking spaces. The technology is very effective since there is no need for pallets, and everything is done in a time-saving way.

Its fully automated nature allows little to no human interference as, after a car gets a ticket, it is transferred to the parking level where it is positioned by ‘The Shifter’ (a robot designed for that purpose) into the parking space. ‘The Shifter’ is the one that automatically lifts the cars.

CUBILE offers numerous advantages for buildings such as:

  • High-quality features suitable for public buildings
  • Enhanced parking capabilities
  • Shifter automation
  • Suitable for a large number of cars

Lorry lifts for urban logistics

Lödige Industries offer lorry lift solutions to address the challenges within urban settings such as problems with crowded spaces and extra cost. The company’s truck lifts help customers save space during delivery, save time and cost and ensure safety of operations.

With the help of the truck lift, lorries are transported to the right floor of the building. This saves plenty of time as the lorry is transferred directly to where it should be. Safety is particularly important during deliveries with lorries as external conditions might negatively affect the process. With Lödige’s lift solutions, safety is a priority.

Advantages of the lorry lifts include:

  • Space-saving technology
  • Transport directly to the correct lorry position
  • Safety during loading and unloading

Easy-to-use heavy goods lifts

Lödige’s OLYMPUS series offers convenience and easy load transportation for storage facilities and production spaces. The series consists of solutions that can lift up to 20t, and up to eight floors high.

The technology is adaptable depending on its user intent and structural considerations, which makes it a perfect versatile product to fit individual size, weight and height needs. Benefits include:

  • Flexible technology
  • High-quality component parts
  • Value for money
  • Allowing for different configurations

High load capacity lift solutions include the Sherpa and Escorta chain lifts, which have a 50% higher capacity and a larger cabin. These lifts can be installed or retrofitted to existing facilities, and have proven durable and reliable solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

The Sherpa goods lift does not necessarily require a pit, which gives customers a wider variety of options. It reduces unloading time and increases lifting capacity. The Escorta product provides easy vertical, multi-passenger transportation which, like the Sherpa, is adjustable and customisable to address clients’ needs. One of its additional advantages is the double breaking system, which ensures safety of operations at all times.

About Lödige Industries

Founded in 1948, Lödige Industries is a leading logistics and lifting system technology provider to clients worldwide.

With its own manufacturing facilities in Germany and Romania, Lödige Industries’s aim is to make easier the movement of heavy products. The company has 70 years of experience in high-performance technical expertise and innovation when it comes to developing systems related to moving and arranging services.