Ruukki provides its customers with energy-efficient steel solutions for better living, working and moving. Ruukki operates in some 30 countries and employs around 11,800 people. Net sales in 2011 totalled €2.8bn.

Building frames, bridges, traffic noise barriers and residential roofing products

In the construction business we provide lifecycle and energy-efficient steel structure solutions for commercial, office and industrial construction, single family homes, port and transport infrastructure construction.Our wide range of products and services include:

  • Building frames, wall and roofing products
  • Integrated systems for single and multistorey construction
  • Bridges, traffic noise barriers and highway guard rails for infrastructure construction, piles, retaining wall structures and foundations for harbour construction
  • Residential roofing products

Architectural facade cladding for solar panel, glass, steel and aluminium

Ruukki design palette’s leading architectural facade cladding offering is for solar panel, glass, steel and aluminium facade systems, as well as for new buildings and renovation constructions.

A facade that completes your vision, has a character of its own and generates energy. Define the character of your facade with Ruukki design palette:

Ruukki Design Palette empowers YOU to achieve your vision of architecture in a simple and effective way – providing the leading offering of high-quality SHAPES, MATERIAL, COLOURS and ENERGY when creating the strength of character for a building facade.
Energy: Liberta Solar Facade is an rchitecturally impressive glass facade for converting sun rays into energy and for building integrated photovoltaic panels.
Shapes: a way to express rhythm and flow, from elegant to eye-catching and modern, a wide selection of shapes from Ruukki design palette offers architects a spectrum of design possibilities.
Materials: a canvas for building, a fabric resistant to time and weather, but irresistible to an artist. Ruukki design palette offers a collection of materials that allow architects to accomplish their original creative goals.
Colours: facade colours have the power of expression. Ruukki design palette is a comprehensive selection of colours always making a unique impression, signifying the architects´ individual vision.
  • Energy: Liberta solar panels for building integrated photovoltaic facades which are architecturally impressive, cost-efficient and ecologically sustainable
  • Shapes: Liberta rainscreen panels, cladding lamellas or design profiles to express rhythm and flow
  • Materials: steel, aluminium, Cor-Ten and glass, that stand the test of time
  • Colours: high quality and extensive variety with the power of expression

Finished facade surfaces

Experience the shapes on the finished facade surface. Energise your facade with Liberta solar panels. Visualise the material and colours in different lightings and from various perspectives with the Ruukki design palette visualiser.

Whether you are an investor, architect, engineer, contractor, builder or installer, Ruukki is at your service to inspire, contribute, guide and support you in your project. Our services include:

  • Facilitating design work with CAD-tools and design guides when developing ideas and visions into a design project
  • Sustainable products with warranties: quality guaranteed from raw material production to the end product and life cycle. Our products can also be re-used or recycled and used as a raw material for new steel or other products
  • Fast and easy installation, carefully considered details, clear guides and perfectly fitting products
  • Supporting services from design to project management and installation. Use our strong local presence, long experience and extensive partner network

Glass facade for converting sun rays into energy

Use Liberta solar facade for building integrated photovoltaic panels. It is an architecturally impressive glass facade for converting sun rays into energy. The most cost-effective choice for a fully-glazed facade that generates energy from the sun. Investment that reflects responsibility and environmental aspects. It is the spearhead product with the most advanced and efficient photovoltaic technology. We deliver a pre-designed solution, ready to be connected to the grid. Installation is fast and reliable, just plug-and-play. To complete your vision create a glass facade, or combine metal with glass and solar energy in an innovative way for your entire building with Ruukki design palette architectural claddings.

Ventilated facade system for efficient and sustainable claddings

Use Liberta rainscreen panels, cladding lamellas or design profiles in different sizes and joint widths to express rhythm and flow. Ventilated facade system provides lifetime efficient and sustainable claddings for a building. For especially large panels, use the Liberta™ Grande Rainscreen panel system. Concealed or visible fasteners are also available.

Steel, aluminium and weather-resistant facade materials

Different facade materials, such as steel, aluminium and weather-resistant Cor-Ten, expand the alternatives available. All our materials are recyclable. Weather-resistant Cor-Ten steel is used in architectural applications without requiring any separate surface treatment. Use of weather-resistant steel eliminates the need for surface treatments during the manufacturing and operational periods, in turn lowering the environmental load and costs throughout the product’s life cycle.

Facade architecture with high-quality colour options

To provide more possibilities for facade architecture, the products are available in an extensive set of high quality colours with long warranties and flexible deliveries.