Centria has introduced SolarCrest™, a line of superior solar roof systems that will help reduce building costs and increase the value of the finished structure over time.

Ultimately, SolarCrest will aid in sustaining and protecting the environment by providing a highly effective and efficient renewable energy source.

Julie Pawuk, marketing communications manager for Centria, said: “SolarCrest provides 20% more energy production (kWhr) per rated output than polycrystalline silicone panels by using a thin-film building integrated photovaltaic (BIPV) technology to an already exceptionally engineered roof system.”

SolarCrest roof panels are manufactured using Centria’s Versapanel® foam composite roof panels, which provide a complete roofing system including superior thermal insulation, weatherproofing and an air and vapour barrier. SolarCrest is also available on Centria’s standing seam roof panels.

Because of its thin-film technology and integrated design, SolarCrest is lightweight for easy installation and helps reduce building and labour costs because on-site assembly is not required. SolarCrest is also highly durable, helping it stand up to foot traffic, and is backed by a 20-year guarantee.

As a sustainability leader, Centria has taken an active role in the development of new and innovative ways to reduce the impact of the built environment’s footprint on the natural environment. However, the company has not sacrificed its commitment to developing aesthetically appealing, high-performance products.

Through a unique partnership with EnergyPeak™, SolarCrest’s innovative design, durability and flexibility add more breadth and depth to Centria’s already dynamic and distinctive portfolio of sustainable products.