Centria has introduced Versacor Ultra, new high-build coatings that offer enhanced protection against harsh climatic or environmental conditions.

Compared with most thin-film architectural coatings, Versacor Ultra coatings provide a 3mm-thick Versacor Ultra barrier coat primer over the metal substrate and several topcoat finish combinations to achieve superior resistance against corrosion, humidity and abrasion.

Rick Brow, director of marketing for Centria architectural systems, said: “Centria has more than 100 years of experience and technology in providing high-quality colour and coating solutions for metal walls and roofs.

“These Versacor Ultra coatings not only continue that tradition of quality in terms of performance, they also satisfy owners’ and architects’ aesthetic needs with a full palette of colour options.”

Coatings in the Versacor Ultra family include Versacor Ultra PF and Versacor Ultra TF and HF. Versacor Ultra PF is ideal for corrosive architectural applications such as coastal environments. The coating consists of a 3mm-thick Versacor Ultra barrier coat primer and a 0.8mm-thick PVDF top coat.

On industrial applications, Versacor Ultra TF and HF combine the superior corrosion resistance of the 3mm-thick Versacor Ultra barrier coat primer with the durability of a urethane topcoat. The urethane topcoat ranges from 1.5mm thick on Versacor Ultra TF to 3mm thick on Versacor Ultra HF.

Additionally, on most of Centria’s profile series panels with a Versacor Ultra coating system, an additional 3mm-thick Versacor barrier coat primer is applied to the interior of the metal substrate, offering full reverse side coating protection. A urethane topcoat, wash coat or primer is then applied over the barrier coat, helping to protect the metal against corrosion from the interior. As more exterior walls are designed with back ventilated rainscreen wall systems, this additional protection can extend the life of the wall system.