CENTRIA introduces Formawall PE, a pressure equalized vertical seal plate for CENTRIA’s horizontal Formawall® Dimension Series® and Formawall Graphix Series™ exterior metal wall panels.

“CENTRIA’s Formawall panels have always offered architects a complete wall system with advanced thermal efficiency and a pressure equalized horizontal joint for moisture control in a single panelized solution,” said Greg Lusty, architectural foam product manager at CENTRIA. “Now in addition to these features, and along with virtually unlimited possibilities in form, color and texture, the Formawall PE vertical seal plate offers even more advanced protection against water infiltration, especially with integrated wall components like windows, louvers and sunshades.”

Key features and benefits of Formawall PE include a versatile extruded aluminum seal plate design that can be used on structural tubes or studs. A gasket and sealant create two lines of defense against water intrusion and the air seal can be inspected for continuity from the interior. Now the vertical and horizontal joinery, all pressure-equalized, minimize the force that normally drives water through an opening, and the integrated vented drainage channel in the seal plate vents any moisture penetrating the gasket seal to the exterior without compromising the air seal.

For more information about Formawall PE for Formawall Dimension Series and Graphix Series visit our website.