Arkema designs materials and innovative solutions for the construction industry, including coating solutions, adhesives and sealants.

PVDF resin-based coating solution

Kynar® polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) resin can be dispersed, dissolved or sprayed, depending on the grade, and is suitable for a variety of applications.

The company’s high-performing, cost-effective Kynar® PVDF resin offers tens of years of resistance to ultraviolet (UV), chemicals and pollution. Its reputation as a binder for paint is based on more than 50 years of development and experience.

Arkema designs innovative solutions and materials for constructions.
The company's products include coating solutions, adhesives and sealants, paints and textiles.
Akerma's offers the Kynar® PVDF resin, which is resistant to pollution, UV, and chemicals.
The company's resin-based coatings provide durability, sustainability and colour to constructions.
The Smart House is used by Arkema to test and develop new solutions
The company's solutions comply with environmental and technical standards.
Akerma helps customers to balance performance and costs, as well as meet environmental regulations and sustainability goals.

Kynar 500 FSF® PVDF resin provides a colourful finish on metal buildings, and has been recommended by paint manufacturers and architects.

Water-based coating for non-metallic substrates

Arkema developed Kynar Aquatec®, an aqueous PVDF / acrylic emulsion that can be applied to a broad range of substrates.

The water-based technology expands the use of Kynar® PVDF coatings to factory application on non-metallic substrates, such as vinyl siding, trim and decking, and fibreglass pultrusions.

Kynar Aquatec® saves energy, optimises performance, and increases durability and sustainability for exterior walls and reflective roofs.

Coating solutions and materials

Arkema provides materials and technologies for architectural and industrial coatings, building and decorative paints, transportation, marine and maintenance coatings, traffic paints, adhesives and sealants, electronics, textiles, non-wovens and leather.

The company is a leading supplier of raw materials for coatings, and aims to deliver enhanced performance, value and sustainability for customers worldwide.

Arkema offers waterborne, solvent-borne, photo-cure, high solids, and powder-coating resins, as well as additives and rheology modifiers, acrylic monomers, and a wide range of specialty materials.

The company helps customers to find the best balance between performance and cost, as well as meet specific environmental regulations and sustainability goals.

Adhesives and sealants for industrial applications

Arkema recognises that changes in resins and glues have fundamentally transformed various sectors, including construction, transportation, and consumer products.

Arkema provides practical and economical solutions, including glues, adhesives, grouts and sealants, and related technologies, that comply with technical and environmental standards.

Laboratory-house project for sustainable construction

Initiated by Bostik in 2013, the laboratory-house project for sustainable construction has now become a reality with the Smart House by Arkema.

This unique house concept is designed to test and develop new solutions for constructions, as well as allow Arkema and Bostik to demonstrate their know-how regarding materials and energy efficiency.

Designated as an ecosystem, the Smart House uses automated equipment to recreate various interactions within a real home, which are measured by a network of sensors.

Data collected by the sensors can be used to reduce the environmental footprint and impact of housing on human health, as well as optimise energy efficiency and living comfort.

The installation is complemented by a showroom highlighting the company’s innovative construction materials and solutions.

The Smart House will soon receive the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREAM), BEPOS and PASSIVHAUSS certifications.