AfterGlow provides a comprehensive range of photoluminescent (PL) non-electrical, non-radioactive, glow-in-the-dark products used in applications such as buildings, parking garages, underground areas and tunnels.

Our products provide a fail-safe emergency egress marking systems for entrances, exits, tapes, paints and signage. All our products provide low-level lighting without electricity, batteries, LEDs or radioactive materials.

PL products are a low-cost, low-maintenance solution for any building.

Photoluminescent products for safety applications

AfterGlow’s PL products are sustainable and can earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credit points for building owners in green building design and construction.

AfterGlow supplies a wide range of photoluminescent (PL) paints.
Our PL products do not require battery power, which reduces maintenance costs and time.
We can create stair access signage for emergencies and evacuations.

They can be used for new construction and retrofit, are ideal for historical preservation and can significantly reduce energy budget and electrical infrastructure requirements. Installation costs are low, require fewer materials to produce, are maintenance-free, and consume zero energy as they are charged by ambient light.

PL products are effective and, in many emergency cases, far superior to other methods of emergency egress signage requiring electrical or battery backup power sources. PL products continue working long after emergency generators typically stop running and their luminance far exceeds that of many LED products.

Our ‘safety-grade’ PL materials will not lose their ability to hold a charge. Modern safety-grade phosphors can be recharged time and again for many, many years and will continue to perform even when damaged.

Low-level exit path markings (LLEPM) and other signage

All AfterGlow PL products use safety-grade strontium aluminate or strontium silicate phosphors, which are non-toxic and non-radioactive, and also retain their ability to be recharged and provide long-term illumination.

Low-level exit path markings (LLEPM) are a life safety improvement system that comprises a combination of exit path markings at traditional heights and other markings located near the floor where they won’t be obscured by a layer of dense smoke descending from the ceiling, and where they can be seen by someone crawling along the floor. They can provide life-saving exit guidance to all residents, employees and tenants during an evacuation.

In addition to our LLEPM systems, we offer a wide variety of other signage, ranging from our energy-saving, UL 924 rated, PL exit signs, to stairwell signage, emergency signage and many others.

Many products are available from our website, in addition to custom signage.

Photoluminescent safety paint

The AfterGlo® high-performance photoluminescent (HPPL) green safety paint for buildings has been tested by a nationally certified independent testing laboratory to ASTM 2072 – 10 and meets the requirements of the International Building Code, Section 1024.4.2, and the International Fire Code.

The paint is specifically designed for pedestrian traffic and is durable for both interior and exterior applications; it is also used on many surfaces, including stairwell walls and handrails. It is provided as a kit and is a proprietary combination of patented high-performance safety-grade PL phosphors; a viscosity modifier; and ARMORSEAL® 1K water-based urethane floor enamel.

AfterGlow has designed and installed systems in the commercial and federal sectors, including the MGM National Harbor complex, one of the largest commercial installations in the US.

About AfterGlow

AfterGlow is a privately held business dedicated to developing and providing cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions addressing worldwide challenges in energy security, sustainability, health, and environmental quality.

Since the terrorist attacks on the USS COLE in 2000 and those on 9/11/2001, AfterGlow’s staff have been industry leaders in all areas of high-performance PL technology, including research, specifications development, and manufacturing.

AfterGlow is based in Manassas Park, Virginia (VA), with manufacturing facilities in Front Royal, VA, US. Our products have received numerous awards from local, state, and federal US governments for outstanding technical innovation and performance.

In addition to buildings, our products are used on aircraft and all types of wheeled vehicles such as school activity buses, public transportation systems, ships, private homes, and military applications.

We offer a broad spectrum of standard and custom products for many different applications.