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Rubber Tracks, Steel Tracks, Track Parts and Undercarriage Solutions

TKV is a track and undercarriage specialist and offers solutions to owners and operators of tracked machinery in the construction and agricultural industries.

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Construction track specialists

TKV Group holds one of the largest stocks of construction tracks and undercarriage solutions in Australia, ensuring that what you need is readily available in your state. It also has a knowledgeable team passionate about tracks, undercarriage, machines, and top-notch service. All this while providing value through a range of quality options backed by total peace of mind.

With expertise as Australia’s only dedicated track and undercarriage specialists, coupled with national distribution through multiple company-owned branches boasting large stock volumes, our team comprises dedicated, enthusiastic, and motivated individuals invested in your success, offering total solutions for all makes, models, and types of track machines, all underpinned by our commitment to hero-class service, ensuring nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.

TKV provides certainty, confidence and speed, reducing downtime, frustration and missed opportunities.

Tracks and pads for the construction industry

TKV specialise in top-of-the-line products for the construction industry, including rubber tracks, rubber pads, agricultural tracks, and undercarriage spare parts, all designed to endure challenging terrain.

No ifs, no buts, just total peace of mind
Over 3,500 tracks and 40,000 parts in stock
Maximum strength rubber tracks
MTL tracks offer traction, floatation and durability
CTL tracks are more impact resistant, for heavy duty conditions
Engineered for high speed, low ground pressure environments
For performance, strength and inexpensive replacement
Rubber pads available in bolt-on, clip-on or chain-on

Our commitment is to provide the best value, ensuring prompt delivery to minimise downtime. Our rubber tracks, rubber pads, and undercarriage parts meet rigorous quality control standards while offering a better value option compared to ‘genuine’ or ‘OEM’ parts.

Recognising that heavy equipment represents a significant investment, we emphasise preventative maintenance and high-quality spare parts to extend machine lifespan. By prioritising value over cheap pricing, we guarantee the reliability our customers demand and strive to offer an exceptional experience when they turn to us for undercarriage parts. Whether you require track system parts for excavators, track loaders, cranes, dumpers, crawler tractors, or similar equipment, we provide a comprehensive solution.

Camso Rubber Tracks

TKV is proud to be the exclusive after-sales distributor for Camso excavator and loader rubber tracks in Australia. TKV stocks a wide range of Camso rubber tracks that suit many makes and models. This includes mini-excavators, tracked dumpers, track loaders, and tracked personnel lifts.

Camso rubber tracks are available in two quality levels. They start with the heavy-duty Camso SD range for most typical uses. Then, if you are looking for the ultimate in performance, longevity and reliability, the outstanding Camso HXD range is for you.

Rubber Track Pads

Our rubber tracks and track pads are available in bolt-on, chain-on, or clip-on styles for all sizes of steel tracks.

Bolt-on Rubber Track Pads

Tuffpad bolt-on rubber track pads are utilised when existing shoes are bolted to the chains and have purpose-drilled holes to create the perfect fit.

Bolt-on excavator track pads are the most popular style. They are also the most durable option as the shoe provides extra rigidity, and the bolts on the rear of the rubber pads provide secure fitment. Meanwhile, you’re able to achieve a very snug profile fit to prevent movement.

Bolt-on rubber track pads are also typically the most cost-effective option; however, they are not as quick or easy to remove and/or replace as clip-on style.

Clip-on Rubber Track Pads

Clip-on rubber track pads are used where track shoes are fitted but are not pre-drilled for bolt-on styles. These pads have a clip on each end, which wraps around the shoe and securely holds the pad in place. The combination creates a buffer between the steel track shoe and the operating surface, effectively providing a rubber-tracked machine.

Clip-on excavator track pads are designed to be the fastest and easiest style to remove and refit. They are a great option for short-term or project-specific applications. Tuffpad clip-ons mean no more constantly placing protective mats to protect the surfaces you must traverse.

Chain-on Rubber Track Pads

Chain-on rubber track pads, also known as Roadliners, are mounted directly to the track chain. They don’t use a track shoe.

Chain-on excavator track pads are commonly fitted to Komatsu and Hitachi mini excavators.

The chain-on rubber pad is suited for applications where equipment is primarily operated on paved surfaces. It also suits other applications where surface protection is paramount, such as rail applications.

As no track shoe is used for this style of excavator track pads, chain-on pads are not recommended for applications where it is desirable to be able to remove and refit the pads regularly, depending on the project at hand.

Steel Tracks

If you have worn or broken excavator steel tracks, track chains, or track groups, or need steel tracks for sale for mini excavators, or have trouble with de-tracking, especially on slopes or in soft conditions, it is time for a new set of excavator steel tracks or track chains for your mini excavators and machinery.

TKV supplies links from 90mm pitch to 260mm pitch, inclusive. These suit most makes and models of excavators, dozers, trenchers, borers, and more. We also have steel tracks for mini excavators.

All our excavator steel tracks and track chain links are forged (not cast) and processed on high-tech automated CNC machines. This guarantees a very high level of accuracy and, thus, better fitment. The carbon steel alloy selected ensures the design does not become brittle through the heat treatment. Yet, it retains a depth of hardening for long-term wear characteristics.

Durable products and guaranteed parts cover

Our products last longer than cheaper alternatives, and we’re prepared to back them with extra cover so you get a fair go every time.  We offer a manufacturer’s warranty, a money-back guarantee, and even accidental breakage cover, depending on your machine.


  • TKV - We'll Keep You Moving

    We put tracked machinery owners and operators in control by providing undercarriage maintenance solutions with confidence and speed, thereby reducing downtime, frustration and missed opportunities.

  • TUFFTRAC Over Tyre Tracks

    The patented TUFFTRAC OTT system features a fully re-buildable segmented design rubber track - offering maximum traction, durability and flotation for your skid steer loader, whilst protecting sensitive operating surfaces.

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