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Ventilation and Airflow Control Systems for Operating Theater

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Since Sir John Charnley’s parallel air flow ’box’, several other methods have been tried to develop the air purifying technique. Allander, for example, developed a system where the walls of the ’box’ were exchanged for curtains of air. But where are we today?

Most systems today are developed from the LAF-system, laminar airflow, but the air flow is not perfectly laminary. So a more correct terminology would be “inblowing system with parallel streams’, but the LAF-ceiling has become an accepted concept.

Ventilation systems for operating theaters

With this totally unique system, based upon our knowledge and experience within the industrial clean-room-technology, we create ultra-clean air without draught or noise. While other operating theatre ventilation systems all around the country use power to control the environment, we simple follow the basic laws of nature. Opragon is based upon a unique technical idea – TLA (temperature controlled laminar airflow) where slightly
chilled, clean air falls to the floor at a speed controlled by the difference in temperature between the added air and the air level with the operating table. This method gives us the possibility to keep the balance between speed high enough to break the body convection for staff and patient as well as avoiding draughts.

Airflow control systems for operating theaters

In a complete TLA installation Opragon is surrounded by externally located air showers that ensure a constant room temperature, despite the varying heat loads found in an operating theatre and accelerate the natural sedimentation of bacteria-carrying particles outside the operating zone with an air curtain system which for installation above doors reducing unwanted entry of particles from adjacent spaces.

Airsonett supplies ventilation and airflow control systems for operating theaters.
Our ventilation systems incorporate temperature controlled laminar airflow (TLA) principles.
Our air showers ensure a constant room temperature.

Systems for management of airborne bacteria and virus contamination

Airsonett Operating Room Innovation is a research-based medical technology company which leads the development of products aiming to reduce the spreading of airborne infections within the health care sector.

Airsonett has an extensive portfolio of patents and is investing heavily in clinical research and product development. With strong owners, such as SEB Venture Capital and Industrifonden, Airsonett is now forming a whole new medical technology industry at its headquarters in Ängelholm, Sweden.

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  • Airsonett Releases New Free White Paper

    Airsonett has published a new free white paper on the Designbuild-Network website. Several specialists have tried to develop an air purifying technique in the past, to anticipate post-operative infections. Most systems today have been developed from the LAF-system – unidirectional air


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