NVELOPE rainscreen systems are designed for architects and built for installers. The facades industry and NVELOPE rainscreen systems is evolving. We have recently expanded our offering with a new look, new improved products and systems and a more dynamic project checklist which includes prices, thermal calculations and static calculations.

Rainscreen cladding systems for the facade industry

Our experience with rainscreen systems spans 20 years and we’re very proud to have retained our great quality, service, technical ability, administration and logistics provision. We aim to be an essential supplier to architects and installers with our overall intention to make their lives easier and more time efficient.

Rainscreen cladding is a serious business and we offer a full support service. Identifying potential cost savings, providing architects with project-specific static calculations, thermal calculations and setting-out information. We develop systems for the ever-changing face of facade design.

Rainscreen cladding products for visible and concealed construction

We develop products that cope with an architect’s demands for more flexible and economical cladding solutions. We offer advanced vertical and horizontal support systems that use mechanical fix and structural adhesive techniques for visible and concealed construction. Our cladding products are suitable for new builds, renovations, and steel, concrete and timber SIPS substructures of any height.

NVELOPE has been designing and supplying rainscreen systems to the facade industry for over 20 years.
NVELOPE offers systems for visible and concealed construction.
Our cladding products are suitable for timber SIPS substructures of any height.
NVELOPE understands that every facade is different and our systems are engineered to project-specific requirements.
Nvelope manufactures rainscreen cladding helping hand brackets (60mm – 300mm).

High-quality, safe and economic rainscreen cladding systems

We understand and empathise with the modern architect while offering high-quality, safe and economic rainscreen cladding systems.

Our products carry the British Board of Agreement (BBA) certification and our technical department of experts is always available to help. Our new rainscreen cladding system (CPD) is fully accredited by RIBA and our systems are available as NBS with specification clauses and autoCAD files.

Rainscreen system, rail layouts, brackets and accessories

We offer optimised systems and rail layouts with specialist engineered solutions. Our project vision and transparency is provided through our support service, which provides static calculations, thermal values and m2 budget pricing.

We hold extensive stocks of our NVELOPE brackets, rails and accessories and stock allocation is always available to get a project underway.

Project checklist for customised rainscreen systems

NVELOPE understands that the requirements for each facade depends on different factors, including local wind loads, height of the facade, the substrate it is being fixed to, selected cladding material and the cladding zone. All NVELOPE systems can be engineered to project-specific requirements.

We continually strive to make life simpler for architects with our unique NVELOPE project checklist. Architects can log on to the NVELOPE website to complete the checklist. A project-specific cladding solution is then produced in-house that includes static calculations and it sets out information for the support system, thermal calculations and indicative m2 price.

NVELOPE: making cladding happen.