The Vogel & Noot brand umbrella unites the three brands of Vogel & Noot (the German-speaking area and various CEE countries), Finimétal (France) and Myson (UK). Each of these three brands represents one of the main suppliers in the pertaining market.

Vogel & Noot is a full-range supplier for the European core markets, thanks to its trend-setting Design radiators, versatile under-floor heating systems, energy-efficient panel and modernisation radiators, as well as attractive convectors and heating walls – not forgetting chimney and flue gas systems.

The combination of innovative heat-supply technologies and trendy designer concepts makes Vogel & Noot products a first-class solution that at the same time meets the highest aesthetic requirements. But the brand is also one of the front-runners in energy-efficiency.

Custom design radiators

The unique surface-concept of Vogel & Noot’s 'New Design Collection gives you more than a thousand permutations for the creation of your individual Design radiator. Vogel & Noot’s co-operation with top designers and internationally acknowledged experts such as Harry Gatterer from the Horx Future Institute has set new trends in living space design.

The “New Design Collection” by Vogel & Noot allows you to create a state-of-the-art radiator, that fully meets your individual requirements. The result is a tailor-made item of “heating furniture”!
The SEWA model Design radiator by Vogel & Noot will enhance your living space with an exclusive ambience, matching your individual design requirements.
The FLOORTEC under-floor heating system by Vogel & Noot is an all-purpose system for both new buildings and renovations, because it offers total solutions.
Vogel & Noot panel and modernisation radiators, as well as convectors and heating walls, stand out for their clear design and maximum energy-efficiency.
In their chimney and flue gas systems, Vogel & Noot combine functional design and high tech – 3 system solutions to meet all your requirements.

The attractive designs of the ALIBORI, EDISTO, MANO, NERO and SEWA models of Design radiators offer a wide range of classy patterns, décors and décor elements, which are available in all colours. Exquisite natural-effect surfaces with root-wood or marble look and high-gloss surfaces ensure that exciting touch.

Customer-designed bespoke radiator

Now you can create your customised Design radiator from the ‘New Design Collection’ at This tool will help you set the stage for your individual living space! The radiator you design will become the highlight of the purist living spaces that are currently so popular – an exciting piece of art is born!

Perfect versatility – FLOORTEC under-floor heating systems

Vogel & Noot’s FLOORTEC under-floor heating system comprise the following systems: grid mat, staple, clip-rail and dry systems.

These systems are constantly being extended, with accessories and control components. Examples are the floor and compact control stations with their ECO pump and the TWINTEC armature, for co-ordinated operation of an under-floor heating system and the radiators!

Design and energy-efficiency – panel radiators, convectors and heating walls

Vogel & Noot’s panel and modernisation radiators offer clear design and top of the range functionality. Their high heat output (e.g. with the T6) means energy-efficient heating. You get low heating bills with the highest thermal comfort and optimum flexibility in planning and installation.

Vogel & Noot’s KONTEC convectors and heating walls are brilliant with their modern, smooth surfaces and will impress on account of their clean cut lines. They stamp a very modern mark on a minimalist living environment.

Consummate technology – chimney and flue-gas systems

Vogel & Noot’s technically attractive chimney and flue-gas systems are a highly developed range of products, comprising single-layered, multi-layered and versatile chimneys. The UNITEC, UNITHERM and UNIFLEX systems are ideal for all modes of operation: dry/negative pressure, wet/negative pressure & wet/positive pressure up to 5,000 Pa, as well as oil, gas and all kinds of solid fuel.

UNITHERM is also thermally insulated. UNIFLEX can be used in combination with other systems and can be installed at a slanting angle, ensuring low installation costs.