Glass and light – these are the basic elements used to create Vitrum, the new range of eco design products for home automation designed by Marco Piva and produced by Think Simple, a newly-established company managed by business entrepreneur Alberto Vuan.

Vitrum – Home Control is the latest generation of switches in which styling, technology, ergonomic design and sustainability come together as never before. Vitrum consists of glass and light: the elegance and transparency of glass is used to create a switch of truly unique beauty and eye-catching form. In the centre, an illuminated touch-sensitive circle is used to control lights, alarms, air-conditioning systems, roll-down shutters and video entry systems. Inside is the technology that revolutionises home automation and brings you the very first intelligent switch.

Intelligent light and temperature control switches

Think Simple has developed and created a completely new range of products. With its large, circular touch-sensitive control area, Vitrum is the first switch in the world that can be used to adjust the intensity of the light at the touch of a fingertip: a simple rotary movement is enough to adjust the level of lighting in a room or to control the temperature inside the home. In addition, the integrated wireless technology of all its components enables Vitrum to interface with remote handsets, tablet computers (e.g. iPad), laptops and mobile phones (e.g. iPhone).

Another major advantage is customisation: the components used for Vitrum comprise an electronic section and a glass décor panel, which can be completely customised during production in a vast range of colours never before possible for products of this type. Customisation can be carried out very quickly and at competitive cost.

Vitrum – Home Control switches can be used to control lights, alarms, air-conditioning systems, shutters and video entry systems.
Vitrum is the first switch in the world that can be used to adjust the intensity of the light at the touch of a fingertip.
Vitrum – Home Control products are eco-friendly.
Think Simple has created a range of ultra-modern touch-control switches.

Eco-sustainable lighting controls

In designing Vitrum – Home Control, we have focused closely on the efficient use of energy and the use of completely recyclable materials.

Vitrum – Home Control is the fruit of more than three years of research: Vitrum smart switches are, in fact, a synthesis of modern technology and ‘Made in Italy’ design, blending to create an eco-friendly product.

In particular, EcoSwitch is Vitrum’s solution to the problem of energy savings: at the first fingertip touch, the light switches on at 65% power; only when a second touch is applied does the lighting power increase to 100%. When the light is switched on in energy-saving mode, the illuminated ring is green. The Vitrum range requires no special circuits, and can function using the existing power circuit wiring or using batteries, so that, with the exclusive EcoWiring technology, Vitrum can be used to replace old switches, but also makes installation in new buildings simpler and considerably more economical.

Ultra-modern touch-control switches

The main aim of Think Simple in designing the Vitrum – Home Control range is to transform traditional switches into smart products that are easy to use and uniquely styled. Thus the classic light-switch finally gives way to an object of ultra-modern design. A distinguishing feature of Vitrum is the way in which the lighting is adjusted: as with an iPod, the intensity of the light is regulated by rotating the fingertip around the touch-sensitive control area. Vitrum is also unique for an ergonomic design that has never before been achieved in a touch-control switch.