Siller Stairs, the leading specialist in glass stairs and outstanding new stair designs, is planning to extend its agent network.

Based in Italy, Siller produces, delivers and installs glass stairs worldwide. In the sector of designer stairs there are only very few on the market who can compete with the floating and easy designs of Mr Siller himself. Over the last 25 years he has contributed many innovations to the staircase industry, discovering glass as the future design element for stairs some 15 years ago.

Due to the continuous demand for our unique glass products outside of Italy, Siller is looking to work with independent agents in other countries. The main targeted countries are France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the UK, the US and Canada, but agents from the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Russia, India and China are also welcome.

Suitable collaboration partners include carpenters who have experience in installing stairs and can provide their own staff for the installation, companies already working with the high-end clientele and whishing to increase their range of products, and architects.

Siller offers education on the stair subject for candidates who have no experience but feel that the job would be suitable for them.

Candidates should have a good knowledge of English as well as the language of the country for which they apply.

To apply, please use the contact details on our company profile.