The relocation of RIBAG’s head office in Muhen to the new building in the neighbouring Safenwil was more than worthwhile. The lighting commerce with all its facets has resided in the trend-setting Minergie building for over a year.

Efficient processes and the latest workstations have continued to increase the company’s success. The new lighting centre of excellence will make it possible for the family-owned business to have a prominent role in the future, too, in the production of highly efficient lights with maximum lighting aesthetics.

The meeting place for lighting specialists and architects was freely transformed from an architect’s office into a complete work of art on the subject of light.

The compact structure with its clear lines and a single expressive gesture in the form of a funnel-shaped canopy to the motorway transports the phenomena of light, transparency and shadows. The paned and partially mirrored facades deal with the themes of shining and shining through. During the day they appear to be a closed structure from the outside, while light and shadows penetrate inward.

At night the process is reversed, the illuminated inner life displays itself outwardly. The optical organisation of the screen directed against the motorway originates from Professor Jürg Nänni, artist in the field of the visual perception. The black-and-white theme, thus light and shadows, and the graphics, all accentuate the expertise and the overall appearance of the RIBAG company.