The FLISC ultra-flat pendant lamp embodies a new generation of light and lamps with its striking form, function, energy efficiency and light comfort. FLISC floats almost invisibly to create completely innovative spatial worlds. In matt anodised aluminium or high-gloss chrome versions with various beam spreads of the LEDs, the directly / indirectly radiating pendant lamp fits harmoniously into the most discreet surroundings.

Our dynamic light and energy management system fully satisfies the most diverse requirements. LEDs and fluorescent lights are switched or dimmed separately by means of either double ON / OFF switches, double keys (TouchDIM), the convenient EASYcontrol remote radio link from RIBAG or the DALI overall light control system. In this way, energy consumption and lighting requirements can be flexibly controlled and optimised.

The betalight technology developed by RIBAG is characterised by the combined use of brilliant LED direct lighting and indirect general lighting with fluorescent lamps. Betalight significantly improves overall efficiency and light quality compared with conventional lighting systems. High-power, constant colour LEDs ensure natural colour rendition on a par with classical halogen lamps but with 15 times the operating life and a fifth of the energy consumption. Their optimised thermal management guarantees an operating life in excess of 50,000hr.