With an increased slip resistance of R11, a range of 16 colours and excellent environmental compatibility, noraplan® ultra grip is the first PVC-free safety flooring that meets the requirements of the UK Slip Resistance Group.

Having been tested in accordance with the TRRL Pendulum Test and DIN 51130, noraplan ultra grip has ratings of 36+ in both dry and wet conditions and R11 respectively.

As with all other noraplan floorings, noraplan ultra grip does not contain any PVC, plasticisers (phthalates) or halogens, such as chlorine. Its excellent environmental compatibility has been confirmed by the BREEAM A rating. It is therefore the ideal solution for any kind of project where slip resistance is essential.

noraplan ultra grip conforms with the following testing standards:

  • 36+ (wet and dry) according to TRRL Pendulum Test
  • R11 Slip Resistance according to DIN 51130
  • > 20 Surface Roughness (Rz)
  • PVC-free

DIN 51130 is a testing method in shoe-trafficked areas over a surface lubricant, where a person walks back and forth on a platform. The angle of inclination of the assessment area is steadily increased until the person begins to slip. The angle at which the individual slips is recorded and averaged out over a number of tests. The higher the rating, the more a tile may be considered anti-slip.

In areas where safety is a paramount consideration, such as schools, noraplan ultra grip is the ideal choice and has been installed in various projects worldwide.

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