2009 sees the introduction of new colour and product ranges for nora® floor coverings. The products included in the new colour range include:

  • norament 925 grano
  • norament 986 luxor
  • norament 925 serra
  • noraplan uni
  • noraplan eco

The colour ranges of some of the other nora products have also been modified to keep up-to-date with demand and increase the design possibilities of our rubber floor coverings.

nora’s new-look website

To coincide with our new product range, we have also updated and modernised our website.

The new internet site allows users to navigate more easily through our product offerings as well as the ability to search for product recommendations by market segment. For example, users can now search for floor coverings through segments such as educational environments, or healthcare facilities.

Visit the new-look nora website and see our new product range and brand values.