Specialist laminate flooring manufacturer and innovator FAUS will present at the international fair Domotex, a unique brand new product range called FAUS multiwidth.

The launch of FAUS multiwidth collection has been made with two oaks and two walnuts. Thanks to FAUS wideplank system, three different width planks (20, 12 and 8cm) are integrated within a single plank of 40cm width. Installation is easy, quick, cheap and has less joints, making it a more durable floor. FAUS masterly solves the complex calculations, wastage and time spent in reproducing a floor of many different widths and lengths.

FAUS can get this effect thanks to the combination of its microbevel, embossed in register and joint guard technologies which create a wood effect laminate flooring with a depth and realism never before seen in the industry.

FAUS multiwidth also features the interplank technology. A design feature that allows for the creation of unbroken wood strips across seams regardless of which planks it puts together. Joints become ‘invisible’ making FAUS floor indistinguishable from a traditional installation of solid hardwood flooring.