With almost 150 years of experience, Geberit is passionate about design and technology. The European market leader for sanitary products strives to provide bathroom design solutions that enrich people’s lives every day. In Australia, where the company has been operating for 15 years, architects, designers, and builders can rely on quality products, outstanding service and technical support that is second to none.

Quality products

All Geberit cisterns comply with the Australian Standard AS3500, which requires a 4.5l full-flush and a 3l half-flush capacity. Architects and designers find unparalleled design freedom with the product lines Sigma and Kappa. The Sigmain-wall concealed cisterns are suitable for traditional in-wall installations, which allow architects and designers to create lifestyle bathrooms for the discerning homeowner. Even the smallest bathroom will appear more spacious with wall-hung pans. The cisterns can be installed in the wall cavity behind the pan, offset from the pan, in a duct, in the ceiling or under the counter. Sigma and Kappa cisterns with frame for wall-hung pans are guaranteed to support 400kg.

Kappa is the perfect solution for flexible low-height installations, such as under a counter, a vanity, or a window. As a result, smaller bathrooms can embrace interesting design features.

All Sigma and Kappa buttons are compatible with Sigma cisterns and Kappa cisterns respectively. Buttons can be specified up to two metres from the concealed cistern including front flush and top flush solutions, which means that designers have multiple options to meet the design expectations of their clients.

All Geberit products are manufactured from durable, environmental-friendly materials and come with a variety of finishes to create sophisticated and functional bathrooms for every budget. They are easy to clean, easy to use and easy to service.

Outstanding service

Peace of mind

Geberit products set the standards in the sanitary industry, as the company continuously incorporates customer feedback and experiences into the product development. All products are innovative, versatile and fast and easy to install and service.

The company’s 15-year warranty on cistern tanks and frames and 25-year spare part supply provide peace of mind for customers as well as long-term security for the sanitary industry. Geberit cisterns for floor-mount pans are compatible with any WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards)-approved floor-mount pan. Cisterns with frames are compatible with the majority of WELS-approved wall-hung pans.

Geberit cisterns have a 50-year design life, which means that customers who are planning a bathroom renovation can upgrade the pan and flush plates choosing from contemporary designs, shapes, and colours without having to touch the cistern behind the wall. For the discerning homeowner, Geberit offers the Sigma20, a 9ct gold-framed push button.

Furthermore, Geberit has a selection of disabled-compliant (AS1428.1) flush plates. As a consequence, bathroom designs can incorporate sleek and stylish push plates.

Technical support

The company enjoys long-term, successful partnerships with plumbers, hydraulic engineers, architects, designers, merchants, and end users. Geberit provides technical support for installation, maintenance, service, and logistics. With a technical support team just a phone call away assistance is readily available.