The latest test results verified that detectomat detectors OTi and OTi Fusion offer highest multi sensor technology for the user. Both detector types are tested by VdS corresponding to the latest standards for multi-sensor methods.

The pre-standard EN 54-29 is currently at the stage of harmonisation before turning Europe-wide to the proven standard. In part 29 of the EN 54, multi sensor smoke detectors with smoke and heat responding behaviour will be categorised. This particular norm defines requirements of detectors reacting on a wide range of fires. In addition to the test fires TF2-TF5 the test fires TF1 and TF8 are applied.

Ten reasons against false alarms via Humitec and Fusion technology:

  1. Second measuring section
  2. Analysis and automatic threshold adjustment
  3. Special function for channel flow
  4. Different sensitivity levels
  5. Intelligent interconnection of different measuring methods
  6. Analysing of different wave lengths of white light
  7. Evaluation of disturbance values and/or suppression
  8. Recognition of ambient conditions
  9. Resistance against pollution
  10. Safe data transmission via loop 3000

Based on this new technology of the PL 3300 OTi Fusion, detectomat was rewarded with the GIT Award for Safety in 2007. In addition to the infrared light analysis this multi sensor detector is able to make use of the entire spectrum of white light wave lengths to detect even smallest aerosols. The increased sensitivity enables faster responding behaviour in all events of fire which makes the Fusion Technology of detectomat a perfect alternative to the ionisation detector.

In 2008, the Humitec-Technology was developed to eliminate false alarms via condensation and humidity and to verify real fires. In 2009, this patented and additionally integrated technology was also rewarded with the GIT Award for Safety.

A more user-friendly adjustment of the detector is given via Software 55 of the PL 3300 OTi Fusion and Software 56 of the PL 3300 OTi by a clear allocation of sensitivities and categories for heat sensors. By now, this option was transferred on all detectors of the PL series and realised via Software 42.

According to parts of the EN 54, all sensitivities are certified by the VdS after successfully passed tests for the OTi and OTi Fusion. The user-friendly improved sensitivity adjustment via dpt (version 8) guarantees the traceability and easiest service for multi sensors.

For a clear administration and traceability of adjusted sensitivities in a system and as well to avoid data collision, the adjustment possibilities of the service tools Easy Check (off version 2.40) and I-Check (off version 4.23) were blocked.

The latest adjustments of sensitivities are supported by loop interfaces of software 8, but are also backward compatible with former loop interfaces.