Stainless steel sinktops from GEC Anderson’s versatile Decimetric™ modular furniture range are playing an important and innovative health and safety role in the provision of key hospital services. The sinktops, with integral bowls, have been fitted to height-adjustable wash stations installed by specialist manufacturer Goldsworth Medical for sterile services departments (SSDs) at various UK hospitals.

John Hollands, director of Goldsworth Medical, says the Decimetric sinktops are ideal for the SSD application. They will be used mainly for manual washing of endoscopes, the important first stage of cleaning and sterilising this equipment for re-use. “With endoscopy commonly used in medical examinations and surgical procedures, these facilities are in heavy demand. This is forcing many hospitals to upgrade their SSDs. Large bowls are necessary because these instruments are delicate and they have to be cleaned without excessive bending.”

The sinktops are flexibly plumbed and mounted on Goldsworth Medical’s height adjusting mechanism. “This push-button controlled system means that the sinktop can be moved to the most convenient working position for any user, from the tallest to the shortest. This significantly reduces the risk of back pains or similar problems for workers who may need to stand at the workstation for long periods,” he says.

GEC Anderson has supplied Goldsworth Medical with Decimetric sinktops in various sizes with integral bowls ranging from 650mm x 500mm x 320mm to 400mm x 400mm x 250mm, all with 40mm lipped edge profiles on the front and sides and 100mm upstands at the rear. GEC Anderson has also supplied lockable stainless steel cupboards from the DecimetricTM range.

Martin Tye, GEC Anderson managing director, says the Decimetric range provides cost effective stainless steel furniture solutions for a wide variety of applications in commerce, general industry, catering, education and healthcare. The modular units are available in length increments of 100mm, from 500mm to 3,000mm. “Because of the demanding hygiene conditions of the SSD environment, these sinktops have full corner welding instead of the folded and spot-welded detail of normal Decimetric units,” says Martin Tye.