The new BOSS surface finish boosts functionality and enhances the design possibilities of made-to-measure stainless steel worktops from leading manufacturer, GEC Anderson. This interesting and attractive new detail also extends the potential lifecycle of worktops in home or work environments, especially in high-use areas.

Martin Tye, GEC Anderson managing director, says the new finish gives designers the opportunity to get more visual impact in a worktop, while also increasing its usefulness. “BOSS can be added with striking visual effect. By giving added protection against scratching or wear, it is a good investment too,” he says. “Stainless steel worktops can easily last for at least 25 years. BOSS can extend the normal lifetime of a stainless steel worktop and can be very useful and effective when added to busy points such as draining areas or in areas for setting-down hot pans.”

BOSS configurations are pressed into the satin stainless steel worksurface and are formed from raised circular profiles arranged in various set patterns to suit standard bowl, hob or worktop sizes. Placed next to a bowl, it acts as a draining aid. Sited next to a hob, BOSS becomes an integral trivet, helping to cool pans and their contents as well as reducing the amount of heat transferred to the worktop. In addition, BOSS can be specified to prevent signs of wear and tear at heavily used points on a worktop, such as where pans or other cooking vessels are regularly placed.

Like all GEC Anderson products, the BOSS detail is designed for easy care, so that minimal effort is needed to ensure a lustrous and hygienic surface at all times. Martin Tye said, “With all our worktops and other satin stainless steel products already demonstrating an unrivalled ability to withstand normal use and abuse, BOSS will provide significantly enhanced durability in key areas of the kitchen.”