A stainless steel worktop edge profile combining water retention capabilities and the visual simplicity of a square edge offers exciting new design possibilities with purpose-made worktops from leading manufacturer, GEC Anderson. The anti-drip ramped profile is proving popular in domestic and commercial or professional environments where good design is as important as the ability to stop the spread of minor spillages.

The anti-drip edge profile rises subtly over a distance of 20mm to a height of just 3mm and is integral to the work surface. GEC Anderson managing director Martin Tye said, “It’s visually unobtrusive, which allows specifiers to achieve the same effect as using a simple square edge, but it provides a practical barrier to stop minor spills that might otherwise damage under-sink cupboards or the floor beneath.

“Specifiers have already used the profile to good effect for worktops at Headlands Primary School in Northampton, St Bartholomews Hospital in London, Milton Keynes Hospital, as well as various domestic projects. It is ideal for all areas where there is a possibility of minor spillages – or items rolling off the worktop – for example in domestic kitchens, school art rooms, laboratories, staff teapoints or healthcare facilities.

Martin Tye says the anti-drip profile can be applied to front, side and rear edges, and it is compatible with other edge profiles and surface finishes available on GEC Anderson made to measure worktops. It can be used on stainless steel of both domestic and acid resisting grades.

“This unobtrusive but highly functional detail combines with the visual and practical benefits of stainless steel, including durability and ease of maintenance, to provide a perfect solution for worktops both with or without integral bowls,” he says.