A rugged and versatile new wall hung design from GEC Anderson makes stainless steel the material of choice for wash basins in demanding public and private sector applications. The V216 basin has a tough anti-vandal construction and is also designed to prevent self harm. A variant, the V216 HCP, has been installed in airside staff washrooms at the new Heathrow T5.

The attractive V216 wall hung basin from GEC Anderson has concealed mountings and a fully shrouded construction which prevents accidental or deliberate damage to supply and waste pipes. The V216 HCP is a variant specially designed for facilities also or exclusively used by disabled people. It features a shallower shroud to accommodate a shorter waste trap and allows unhindered access for wheelchair users. This was a specific requirement for the T5 installation.

GEC Anderson managing director Martin Tye says in both its versions the V216 basin provides an ideal solution for hand washing facilities in busy and difficult environments. “The design is based on the needs of prisons, schools, public washrooms and care facilities, but it can be applied equally well in the private sector,” he says. “It provides a highly durable, versatile and stylish wash point that can easily be maintained to ensure a high standard of hygiene. The design resists vandalism and has no sharp edges to hurt users, either in public or detention facilities. The robustness of this basin gives it a long potential life-cycle, making stainless steel a sensible economic choice, too.”

The V216 basin in domestic grade satin finish stainless steel is 400mm wide and projects 390mm from the wall. It has a 300mm diameter hemispherical bowl, 130mm deep and with a stainless steel grated waste as standard. It is supplied plain or pre-drilled for one or two taps and can also be supplied as a drinking fountain that is push-button or sensor operated. It is also available in acid resistant stainless steel.