DIP-Tech has developed superior ceramic ink specifically formulated to work with glass applications.

As the ink was developed for digital systems, its liquidity is durable for printing using industrial ink jet heads. As a result, the printing overlay will never feel rubbery, therefore allowing for accurate printing.

DIP-Tech’s ceramic inks are state-of-the-art products containing micro-glass particles and pigment formulated to ensure the highest level of compatibility and performance for the GlassJet™ series. They are the only inks and fluids that are matched perfectly to the GlassJet systems, formulated, tested and manufactured to deliver maximum efficiency and performance.

Original inks provide consistent quality

Off-brand products can clog printers and negatively affect the customer production output. If they cause a printer break-down, it can cost the customer tens of thousands of euros. DIP-Tech’s inks and supplies, combined with your GlassJet system provide the clearest printing and the greatest uptime because they are designed as a matched fluid technology.

DIP-Tech’s inks are environmentally friendly as we manufacture all inks, fluids and supplies according to the most stringent quality standards in the world. Continual testing of critical ink parameters throughout the production process ensures superior ink performance.

DIP Tech technology includes ink composition for printing on a ceramic substrate to be fused to the glass upon firing. The ink is comprised of glass frit or silica, micro-particles and pigments, which maintain their optical properties even after firing, producing a coloured pattern upon printing.