Autumn marks the start of the condensation season where properties can be affected by additional water around window and wall areas as the temperatures start to drop, usually around October.

Crown Trade’s steracryl mould inhibiting paint’s modern formulation can play a key role in inhibiting mould growth, helping property professionals in the social housing sector to manage the problems that tend to emerge at this time of year.

The system, which is available in a matt or durable acrylic eggshell finish, contains a fungicide developed to maintain decorated surfaces by inhibiting the development of mould growth on the paint film.

It is often specified for void properties, which can stand empty and without adequate heat and ventilation for long periods of time, creating the sort of conditions that support mould growth.

The acrylic eggshell system is also washable and therefore capable of supporting a comprehensive cleaning regime, making it ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Debbie Orr, senior brand manager for Crown Trade, said: "This is the time of year when mould growth can become problematic. Steracryl mould inhibiting emulsion measures up to the fungal testing procedures carried out to British Standard BS3900:G6, and is able to maintain decorated surfaces in a good condition."

A video about Crown Trade steracryl mould inhibiting paint and some of the other systems in the range can be seen on Crown Trade’s Youtube channel.

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