Crown Trade’s protective coatings fast drying cladding system breathes new life into tired exteriors – transforming metal cladded surfaces under an economical and easy to achieve refurbishment process.

The system is developed to specifically adhere to pre-coated and weathered metal cladding and other external features that have become dull and discoloured over time.

Ideal for environments, including retail, sports hall and warehouse sites, the end result is a finish delivering protection and good looks for at least eight years.

The system can also be used with Crown Trade protective coatings high build rust inhibiting metal primer, to protect any bare exposed metal from corrosion before applying the fast drying cladding finish. This is particularly useful if the existing paint system has failed and exposed surfaces have started to appear.

With many shades available in the fast drying cladding system, existing areas can also usually be accurately matched up if a complete colour change of the venue is not required – offering a cost-effective refurbishment solution.

Furthermore, with the sheer range of colours available, the system also offers additional benefits for the introduction of a high impact rebranding programme.

Orr, senior brand manager for Crown Trade, said: "The Crown Trade protective coatings cladding system offers a hard-wearing, dependable finish."

"It is applied under a straightforward process, using conventional brushes, rollers or spray equipment, meaning costly specialist application methods are avoided."

"The water-based formulation also offers a quick drying time and incorporates anti-mould properties to maintain an attractive aesthetic finish for the longer term."

A brochure showing the benefits of the Crown Trade fast drying cladding system is available for specifiers.