For every type of situation, Crown Trade delivers performance paints that provide the complete solution for commercial environments – supporting day-to-day operations and delivering a design-led finish that lasts for the long term.

Products include Crown Trade timonox, flame retardant coating systems, which retard flame spread by insulating, restricting ignition and protecting a range of wall and ceiling surfaces.

Ideal for corridors and other circulation areas, as well as communal zones, timonox helps create a safer environment without any compromise on aesthetic appearance.

For hygiene sensitive areas, including food preparation and healthcare environments, Crown Trade steracryl antibacterial paint utilises the natural power of silver to limit the growth of problem bacteria including salmonella and E.Coli, supporting optimum hygiene performance.

The system is specially formulated with a scrubbable finish to meet the stringent cleaning regimes in these areas.

In environments where mould can form, Crown Trade steracryl mould inhibiting paints – available in matt and durable acrylic eggshell formulations – limit the growth of mould spores, especially in areas subject to heavy condensation such as bathrooms or kitchens. The qualities of this system mean make it the ideal choice for void properties.

Finally, for period venues, Crown Trade’s historic colours collection delivers an authentic look, which combines timeless elegance with modern technology to deliver a quality finish that stands the test of time.

Charting the major design movements of palladian and neo-classical, regency, arts and crafts, gothic revival, Victorian eclectic, art deco and post-war 1950s Sketchbook the collection enables specifers to introduce shades that are personal to the design of a historic building.

Crown Trade’s extensive experience sees all 120 historic colours, created within eight colour palettes – available in products throughout the Crown Trade range, including timonox.