Crown Trade has updated its versatile and hardwearing Colorfects creative finish offer, launching a glossy new brochure that provides an essential guide to the flecked paint systems and protective glazes in the range.

Colorfects combines colour and texture in an innovative way bringing visual interest to large expanses of broadwall and masking imperfections and uneven surfaces to deliver a seamless patterned finish. The 2010 VOC compliant spray-applied and roller-applied finishes are both quick to apply, fast drying and low odour making them particularly suitable for commercial use in all sorts of public environments.

Aquaflek is a durable waterbased spray-applied finish. Portaspray Hi-Flo Spray or HVLP spray equipment is used to apply one of eight different Aquaflek options in combination with a choice of Colorfects Bondcoats to achieve a variety of flecked multi-coloured patterns.
Aquaroll, as the name suggests, is the roller-applied version of the Colorfects paint system. It features finer flecks than its spray applied counterpart and can be used to disguise a range of unsightly features and surface imperfections. Available with a choice of six multi-coloured flecked top coats and a wide range of different tinted Bondcoats in shades from across the spectrum, Aquaroll can be used to bring bold and vibrant colour to all types of interior spaces.

Intrinsically durable, these water-based paint systems can be further enhanced and protected with Colorfects Satin Glaze which facilitates easier removal of dirt and stains. For extra heavy wear, in high traffic buildings such as schools, hotels and retail outlets, and in areas where graffiti may be a problem, Colorfects Heavy Duty Glaze can be used as a sacrificial protective coating.